NYC: Harlem Hallelujah! Gospel Wednesday Choir

USD 25



Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring sounds of Harlem's vibrant Gospel music scene. Join a spirited congregation in a historic church, where the heartfelt harmonies and joyful rhythms will uplift your spirit. Let the infectious energy of this iconic New York neighborhood wash over you as you raise your voice in jubilant celebration.

Wednesday nights in Harlem are all about the sweet sounds of gospel music! Step into a historic Black church in the heart of Harlem, where the rhythm of faith and community come alive. For one hour, the church throws open its doors to welcome visitors from around the world to experience an uplifting musical worship. This isn't a traditional church service, but a vibrant celebration of gospel and spirituals, led by a talented choir. Join a local congregation in a mid-week musical gathering, where the energy is infectious and the harmonies are sublime. Let the soul-stirring voices of the professional singers move and inspire you, as you become a part of this joyful celebration.